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With family and work commitments, it’s often hard to make time for retirement planning or to put aside savings. Joining the OPSEU Pension Plan is a simple, easy way to invest in your financial future and earn a secure pension at retirement, payable for your lifetime.


Here are five good reasons to join the plan
  • your employer matches your contributions
  • if you change jobs, your pension is portable
  • an OPTrust pension is payable for your lifetime
  • your pension is adjusted annually for inflation
  • it’s an easy and secure way to save for the future

How to enroll

You and your employer will need to fill out an enrollment form. Your portion of the form identifies you and the employer’s portion provides your employment information. You may also be asked to complete other OPTrust forms and be asked to provide copies of some documents such as your birth certificate. Both you and your human resources representative need to sign the enrollment form before it is sent to OPTrust.

Our  HR contact at LCBO is

Sara Macoun

Telephone 416-864-6635

Fax  416-864-6852


All forms must be sent to Sara Macoun. Please do not send the forms to OPTrust directly or it may not get processed.

Here are the forms you will need

Enrollment forms

Beneficiary Forms

Statement of Marital Status Form

Complete these three forms and send them to Human Resources Benefit Department.

For more information please view the OPTrust website or contact your Local Executive Committee.


In Solidarity,

Maria Bauer