Update from DIVEX – January 15, 2018

Below is an update from the chair of the  Divisional Executive January 15, 2018

The Provincial Labour/Management Committee meeting

Our next Provincial Labour/Management Committee meeting is on February 6, 2018. We have attached the last set of minutes that have been approved for your reference. Can you please check to see if the minutes have been posted in all the workplaces and let us know if they aren’t?

CSR Wage Grid Challenges

The committee who consists of Denise Davis, Jennifer VanZetten, Colleen MacLeod, Jeff Weston, Neil Lenihan (LCBO) and Arthur Roberts (LCBO) last met on January 9 & 10 and we have one more meeting date this month on January 24th. . We also have confirmed meeting dates for February which are February 7, 8, 12,13 and 14th. Rest assured that we are committed to getting this completed as soon as possible and as each challenge is reviewed a letter is sent out to the member to their store. These letters are in a sealed envelope and are delivered directly to the member via their Manager.

NOTE: Please see the attached most recent update sent to CSR’s.

Progressing on the CSR Grid

As Retail CSR members are now on a hour based merit system it’s important that each member track all of their hours using their paystubs as verification. We don’t want anyone to miss out on any wage increases. The Union had been challenging the fact that the employer didn’t have a proper system to track member’s hours. Please see the attached update showing that the system has been automated to do this now but for complete accuracy always keep track of hours using the pay stub as a backup.

LBED Local Elections

It’s the end of the two year term for Locals within LBED and we would like to thank everyone who runs for a position and who have held positions for the last two years. The Division does need to have accurate and updated information when your elections are held therefore please send that along to us when your elections are completed. Again thank you very much for your commitment to helping others.

Bill 148 and how it applies to our Division

All Divisions in OPSEU were told in December that OPSEU would be reviewing the changes from Bill 148 and that they would be giving a report to each Division on how the changes would apply to them. The Division has been asking for these updates and the Officers of the Division had a conference call with our Negotiator and OPSEU Supervisor the middle of last week. We haven’t received anything official to date and once we have this information we will share it with the Locals. The delay on getting this information that will clarify how the changes affect us has definitely been a huge concern but we do need accurate information, therefore please stand by so that we can get the same information together. 
We have advised the Employer that we will be meeting with them soon to go over the changes.

In Solidarity,

Denise Davis

LBED Chair

Update from DIVEX December 15, 2017

Below is a message from our Divisional Executive Chair, Denise Davis. The information was shared with Local Presidents on December 15, 2017.

The Provincial Labour/Management Committee

The Provincial Labour/Management Committee has met with the Employer twice this year since bargaining wrapped up with the most recent meeting on December 8, 2017. The meeting minutes have been approved and agreed upon for the September 26, 2017 and before. We have asked that those minutes be sent out immediately and posted in all workplaces no later than next Monday. If you don’t see minutes posted in the “workplace” please notify me.


CSR Wage Grid Challenges

The Grid Challenge Review Committee who consists of Denise Davis, Jennifer VanZetten, Colleen MacLeod, Jeff Weston (OPSEU Negotiator), Neil Lenihan (LCBO) and Arthur Roberts (LCBO) last met on December 6th  to continue the reviews. We have received over 800+ challenges from the grid placement and those members who sent in challenges which have been reviewed are being sent letters individually. We have been alerted that some member’s challenges have been reconciled and have received retro payments before they received their letters advising them of the outcome. If any of those members need to clarify their “payment” they should contact the appropriate Payroll department in their area.

Other members have been sent a request for more information. This is very important that individuals gather up as much supporting information that they have to support their challenge. This could include Pay Stubs, Pension statements, WSIB letters and dates and times of when hours were possibly missed. We need this supporting information to provide to the Employer to support their position. If we have a challenge that does not provide evidence to support their hours dispute with the Employer and members require more time to respond back to the Grid Challenge Review Committee they can then call Jeff Weston at 1-800-268-7376 or email him at jweston@opseu.org.

Very Important:

As Retail CSR members are now on an hour based merit system it’s important each person tracks all of their hours using their paystubs and schedules as verification. We don’t want you to miss out on any wage increases.

Tasting Hours

The Employer has confirmed that a Pilot Project has begun in approximately twenty stores so far. The Union has asked what qualifications are needed and how will our members get this opportunity. They are looking into how required training can be rolled out and they plan to have a program in place by April 2018. This item continues to be discussed at the PLMC meeting.



We continue to have scheduling discussions with the Employer. The last update below still stands plus see further updates.


  • PFT Sunday complement (including holiday weekends) – The Employer has the right to determine complement on any day of the week. This means the LCBO can set a mandatory requirement for PFT to work on a Sunday over a long weekend. However, the scheduling is first voluntary and failing sufficient volunteers, is rotational based on reverse seniority from the previous week of forced scheduling. In addition to this issue, the employer has taken the position that they no longer need PFT on Sundays unless it is a long weekend. The Union greatly opposes this view, especially since the LCBO argued the need for PFT on Sundays for the last 9 months, and stood firm that at minimum 1 PFT should be required each Sunday. We have challenged the LCBO on their position and are encouraging PFT’s to grieve if they volunteer for a Sunday and are denied or if they are next on the forced scheduling list but were not because the employer determined they didn’t need any PFT.

In addition to the “above” which still “stands” the Union continues to the enforce the fact that PFT should be entitled to volunteer for Sundays that aren’t just on long weekends. That the employer does in fact and has in the past required PFT to work on Sundays. That the employer is assigning a casual an eight hour shift , but zero PFT complement is required.  We have had to make a second request o the Employer that they supply us with Store Schedules for our review. This second request was made last Friday at the PLMC meeting. Also, if you do volunteer for Sunday work you are entitled to two consecutive days off. We advised the Employer last Friday that this isn’t being honoured and it should be. We were told to provide them with Managers/Stores that aren’t doing this, so please let us know this information.


  • Weekly same shifts (morning or afternoon) – The work week in retail starts on a Sunday each week and this past round of bargaining we negotiated language (7.14(b)) which states that scheduled shifts for the week, in double shift stores, shall be the same (i.e. morning shifts or afternoon shifts). Bouncing around between day and afternoon shifts should no longer be happening. If you find yourself in this situation, due to regular scheduling, then you should grieve.


The above position has not changed.


  • Full weekends off – The new CA language (7.4(a)(v)) is clear that PFT cannot be scheduled for a Sunday when they are regularly off on the Saturday. This ensures PFT’s have a full weekend off. However, if you volunteer for a Sunday, after the schedule is posted, this doesn’t violate the weekend off provision because the volunteer was after the schedule was posted. If it was prior to the schedule being posted, a Saturday off will not count as one of the 17 because doing so would violate the CA.

The above position still stands.

The Ontario Cannabis Act (Bill 174)- December 12, 2017

The Ontario Cannabis Act (Bill 174) was passed by the government on December 12, 2017. “The Unions position continues to be that we need to negotiate a labour agreement and are ready to do so with”. Members can refer to the NEW Letter of Agreement in the LBED MOS.

The Division continues to pursue the Cannabis work and labour workforce with the employer. Updates will be shared when we receive any further information.