Update from DIVEX – January 15, 2018


Below is an update from the chair of the  Divisional Executive January 15, 2018

The Provincial Labour/Management Committee meeting

Our next Provincial Labour/Management Committee meeting is on February 6, 2018. We have attached the last set of minutes that have been approved for your reference. Can you please check to see if the minutes have been posted in all the workplaces and let us know if they aren’t?

CSR Wage Grid Challenges

The committee who consists of Denise Davis, Jennifer VanZetten, Colleen MacLeod, Jeff Weston, Neil Lenihan (LCBO) and Arthur Roberts (LCBO) last met on January 9 & 10 and we have one more meeting date this month on January 24th. . We also have confirmed meeting dates for February which are February 7, 8, 12,13 and 14th. Rest assured that we are committed to getting this completed as soon as possible and as each challenge is reviewed a letter is sent out to the member to their store. These letters are in a sealed envelope and are delivered directly to the member via their Manager.

NOTE: Please see the attached most recent update sent to CSR’s.

Progressing on the CSR Grid

As Retail CSR members are now on a hour based merit system it’s important that each member track all of their hours using their paystubs as verification. We don’t want anyone to miss out on any wage increases. The Union had been challenging the fact that the employer didn’t have a proper system to track member’s hours. Please see the attached update showing that the system has been automated to do this now but for complete accuracy always keep track of hours using the pay stub as a backup.

LBED Local Elections

It’s the end of the two year term for Locals within LBED and we would like to thank everyone who runs for a position and who have held positions for the last two years. The Division does need to have accurate and updated information when your elections are held therefore please send that along to us when your elections are completed. Again thank you very much for your commitment to helping others.

Bill 148 and how it applies to our Division

All Divisions in OPSEU were told in December that OPSEU would be reviewing the changes from Bill 148 and that they would be giving a report to each Division on how the changes would apply to them. The Division has been asking for these updates and the Officers of the Division had a conference call with our Negotiator and OPSEU Supervisor the middle of last week. We haven’t received anything official to date and once we have this information we will share it with the Locals. The delay on getting this information that will clarify how the changes affect us has definitely been a huge concern but we do need accurate information, therefore please stand by so that we can get the same information together. 
We have advised the Employer that we will be meeting with them soon to go over the changes.

In Solidarity,

Denise Davis

LBED Chair