The tentative agreement


Hello everyone

Do not let the fear of the unknown guide you. If we continue along the same path, we will end up with the same results.

There are so many loopholes in the wording of the new contract. The employer may be giving you good hours now, or may not, but the wording allows them to do what they want when they want

The prospect of a full time job at the LCBO is no longer appealing. The scheduling practices has now allowed for full time staff to also be scheduled for up to 10 days without a day off. The working of 9 hours a day, weekends and evening shifts makes a full time position at the LCBO seem to be a glorified casual job. The loss of Sunday overtime basically caps a full times wages with no opportunities to make any extra money. The “relative equality” clause  that was added to applying for assistant manager of C and D store manager positions has given the employer the opportunity to manipulate workers to be complacent to senior management and pit bargaining unit workers against bargaining unit workers so that they can move up the ladder at this workplace.

You can guess how I will be voting. But I am a tiny cog in the huge wheel of this company.

Do not let fear guide you. However the vote goes, the union will have to continue to represent us. If its a NO, they will have to carry on with the campaigning and get us results we are looking for. If its a Yes, the same yet we will be bound by the laws of the contract language.

In Solidarity,

Maria Bauer