Information Pickets


Opseu locals across the province are holding information pickets. You can see a list of dates and locations at the following link

Local 376 is also having a picket. It will be on June 1, 2017 from 1130 to 330 pm. The picket will be held at store 346 in Woodbridge. The address is 7850 Weston Road (corner of Weston Road and Highway 7)

The more members that attend the better. This picket is to inform the public of our bargaining issues. The following information has been sent out by OPSEU as to what to say when picketing.

Key messages on “A Better LCBO”
  • The Liberal government and the LCBO are pushing a privatization agenda that is threatening to replace LCBO jobs with Walmart jobs.
  • The people of Ontario built the LCBO, paid for the LCBO, and own the LCBO. We’re not going to let the Liberals destroy it. We’re working to save the LCBO – not just the LCBO we have, but the better LCBO we know is possible.
  • OPSEU members who work at the LCBO are holding pickets across Ontario to ask the public to support our plan for “A Better LCBO.” This means:

On casual work

  • LCBO management keeps hiring more casual workers, and scheduling them for short shifts. Now 84 per cent of retail workers are in temporary positions with no guaranteed hours. Some workers have been in this situation for decades, and many work seven days a week, every week. Despite this, the average casual makes less than $30,000/year.
  • Our plan for a better LCBO would provide meaningful hours for casuals, and permanent jobs when the work is there to be done.

On safety 

  • The LCBO has a profit margin of more than 35 per cent and made more than $1.9 billion in profit last year. But management is cutting corners when it comes to worker safety, and the result is that workers working alone face robberies, violent customers, stalking, and other significant risks.
  • Our plan for a better LCBO would improve safety so no one works alone.

On job security 

  • The LCBO wants to be able to contract out entire divisions, like IT or warehousing, to private companies that might not even be in Canada. On top of that, they want to avoid paying workers who are laid off the severance pay they earned through years of service.
  • Our plan for a better LCBO would keep public workers doing public jobs, here in Ontario. It would also respect the promises made to longtime workers and not change the rules around the severance pay they’ve already earned.

Hope to see you there

In Solidarity,

Maria Bauer