Bargaining Bulletin # 9 – Concilliation




Calling on the employer to take negotiations seriously, the OPSEU bargaining team filed late Monday for conciliation. “This decision means that we’re asking for the help of a third party to move negotiations forward,” said Denise Davis, chair of the bargaining team. “It’s time this employer abandoned proposals that will only lead to a weakened LCBO, and recognized that our plan offers a way to improve it instead.” Conciliation is covered under the Labour Relations Act, and means that the Ministry of Labour is being asked to appoint a neutral third party, who will work with both sides to help them reach a deal. “We’re hopeful that with the assistance of a neutral third party, we can find a way to reach a deal that will build a better LCBO,” added Davis. “If we can’t, however, this employer needs to know that workers won’t stand quietly by while management destroys something so important to our province.” While the team waits for a conciliation officer to be appointed, talks will continue until Wednesday this week, and then from Monday to Thursday next week.

Hundreds join call to keep LCBO public

An information picket at an LCBO in North Bay on Saturday saw strong support from the public and the local MPP for keeping the LCBO public. Hundreds of people signed postcards asking Premier Wynne to stop her back-door privatization of the LCBO, reminding her that this was nowhere to be found in her last election platform. Shoppers voiced their support for the important role the LCBO plays in paying for public services, from teachers and nurses to highways and seniors’ care. Others spoke up about their concern over the presence of beer and wine in grocery stores where families shop, calling the decision to expand and privatize alcohol sales the wrong one for the province. Including this one in North Bay, OPSEU members who work at the LCBO have now held 22 information pickets. Look for information about future pickets online at

Why is it so important to fill out a Form B?

If you don’t fill out a Form B, you won’t receive strike pay. While the bargaining team is committed to bargaining for a deal, not a strike, the reality is that we face an employer that seems unwilling to be reasonable. We have to make sure we’re ready, and we want to make sure that if we do end up on the picket line, no one is missing out on their strike pay because we don’t have a form for them. Where are these forms? Mobilizers are visiting stores with them, and a copy can be found on the bargaining website at If you have questions about the form, please email us directly at so we can get you an answer. You should also make sure that OPSEU has your current contact information so that important updates can be provided to you. You can update your information on the member portal, or by calling your regional office or local steward.