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On October 26th, 2013 at the OPSEU Editors Weekend, Local 376 won two awards. One for the Best Bargaining Communications and the second was The Best New Website in all of the Broader Public Service Sector at OPSEU.

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Best Bargaining Communication -2013

Best Website – 2013


We feel that this is the most important link. It is about WalMart and it is called “union busting”.  Our employer uses many of the same tactic to divide and conquer our members.  Watch “Union Busting”  and “Confessions of a Union Buster




The Memorandum of Settlement for our new contract here

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Welcome to OPSEU Local 376 Liquor Board Employee Division. Our local currently consists of over 400 signed members from 21 work locations. Most of our local is in York Region. Our stores are in Central Region and we have two stores in District 1, three stores in District 14 and seventeen stores in District 18.


Our new Local Executive Committee decided that we should find an efficient way to stay in touch with the members. We created this website to keep us informed of upcoming news and events, provide a location for discussions, questions and answers. The site has a secure email log in for you to submit your comments, questions and thoughts. If you choose to remain anonymous, please let us know and we will respect your request. Email us at info@local376.com.

We have also included online polling. Please visit this page regularly as we will be conducting regular surveys for our local.




Elected March, 2014 , Two year term

Executive Officers

President – Maria Bauer – Store 404 – maria.bauer@rogers.com

Vice President -Lynn Graham – Store 391

Treasurer – VACANT

Secretary – Cara Marsiglio – Store 391 – caramarsiglio@yahoo.ca

Chief Steward – Maria Monteleone – Store 397 – marluleone@hotmail.com

New LEC 2014



Rochelle Goldberg – Store 623

Michelle Brooks – Store 554

Natalie Blazamo – Store 623

Danny Scenna –  Store 536

Maria Hampson- store 391






Please note that Executive Officers are also stewards.

Please only call stores for emergencies!!


A story to share

Yesterday, a customer came in the store and asked us if had been robbed. The CSR asked them what they meant? The customer said, the store looked like it was robbed because the shelves were empty. The CSR politely stated that we had a very busy weekend and were not able to get the product out yet.

It’s almost summer. We have five casual’s sitting at home with no hours this week. They need to pay their bills and want to work, but can’t because the board is concerned over keeping their staff to sales ratio up. The cut of casual’s  hours, the full-time CSR’s that cannot lift boxes due to years of lifting and  repetitive strain injuries  is only getting worse. Usually, during the summer months, the board will hire fixed term help so we can keep up with the sales during this busy time of year.

This year, they decided that they can run these stores with the staffing levels they use during the slow months. They decided they will not hire fixed term, but they will also cut casual hours. It’s not a wonder why the staff can’t keep up with the work.

Tell us what is going on in your stores and share your stories in our comment section below. You can remain anonymous.

In Solidarity

Maria Bauer

President Local 376


 Any Trouble with this web site please let us know info@local376.com